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If you are a new user, welcome! We look forward to helping you with any HR issues you may have.
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If you use our service extensively, or if you are about to issue any new policies, we would advise you to look at everything our premium service can offer you, including additional documents, additional document formats and better control over your policies.

For a limited period of time we are offering access to our online HR audit. If you are a new business, a new subscriber, or have never done an audit, we recommend that you complete one. Even just looking at the questions will make your current HR status clearer.

Buying (additional) helpline time:
If you require additional helpline time, you can buy it on an ad hoc basis.

New on the site:
We have added a legal overview on gender pay statements.
Premium subscribers have access to a range of additional features including the ability to preview contracts, compare policies against our current templates and download our template forms as word processing documents, which they may format to suit their own house style or add their logo.

Consultancy services:
If you require further on-site assistance, or bespoke training, coaching or mentoring from our consultancy team, do call us to discuss your requirements.

Don't forget our "recommend a friend" scheme!

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