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Absence - confirm warning - letter

Use the following template to confirm an informal absence warning. If the level of absence does not improve, you should manage this through your disciplinary procedure Paid up members only.. See our guide to handling absence due to sickness and injury Paid up members only..
The text in <italics> is only there to help you and will not appear in your letter.



<Name of employee:>
<Our ref:>


Dear <name:> 

I am writing to confirm our discussions <"on DATE" or "earlier today":> 
<tick if you were accompanied by another member of management (recommended) and insert the details:>

<tick if the employee was offered the right to be accompanied and insert the details - note this is NOT a disciplinary hearing and so there is no legal entitlement to be accompanied:>

Since <date or period eg "the beginning of this year":>  you have been absent from work on <number:> occasions, for a total of <number:> days.

<Tick if you wish to include any further details, eg briefly describe the reasons for the absences, the fact that these all seem to be unrelated or, if you use the Bradford Factor Paid up members only. to trigger a review then you may wish to include the employee's Bradford Factor score:>   

Whilst we are sympathetic to genuine ill-health, and are keen to act in the interests of both you and
<name of employer or "the business":> , I feel sure that you will appreciate the adverse effect of such a high level of absence.

I confirm that we will continue to closely monitor your attendance. Please let us know if there is any reasonable support that we could offer that will assist you to improve this.

<Specify targets which you would consider reasonable:>

Should your level of attendance not improve to a satisfactory level, we will review the situation with you. We may request a medical report to establish whether there are any underlying health reasons of which we need to be aware and to gain professional guidance regarding any practical steps that may assist you in improving your attendance. We may also need to take disciplinary action, a step which we would prefer to avoid if possible.

We very much hope that your health and attendance will improve.

<Tick if you wish to include:>  

Yours sincerely

<Your name:>
<Job title:>

<Tick if you are including any enclosures, and list these.>   

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