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Training approval and evaluation form

Download and print as many copies of the BusinessHR template training approval and evaluation form as you need.


The training approval and evaluation form Paid up members only. is:

  • easy to use and understand whilst being detailed enough to give you useful information
  • acts as a review mechanism within your training procedures to ensure the right decisions are made before time and effort is spent on any activity
  • prompts consideration of:
    • the need for training
    • whether the course chosen is the best means of delivering the required training
    • the associated costs and whether there is a budget available for the training
    • the effectiveness of the training delivered and
    • any outstanding training needs.

Simply print off as many copies of the training evaluation form as you need.
Alternatively, premium subscribers may download a word processing version Paid up members only. that can be tailored to their own format and to which they can add their own logo or name.

Further information

You may also find our step by step guide to training and development and the range of guides in our training and development section useful.


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